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Predictive analytics

Combining innovative data and analytics to track and predict market dynamics

Information is one of the key value drivers in the energy industry, yet markets rely on data that is often incomplete and published with a considerable time lag. In some markets, the need for real-time information is especially crucial. In response, innovative digital technologies are unlocking new opportunities for gathering data that is comprehensive, accurate, and timely. By combining this data with advanced analytics and domain expertise we can provide unparalleled insights into commodity markets and the wider energy supply chain.

Introducing McKinsey's Predictive Analytics

Our capabilities

Permian Basin activity monitoring

Monitoring the Permian Basin with satellites enables an unprecedented, near-real-time view of drilling, completion, and production activities of North American shale oil and gas.


LNGFlow tracks global liquefied natural gas fleet utilization and daily movements, and monitors trade flows and supply–demand balances to create visibility on LNG-market trends in real time, indicate spot-market momentum, and provide the opportunity for shipping optimization.


LPGFlow tracks global liquefied petroleum gas fleet utilization and real-time movements, and monitors trade flows to create visibility on LPG-market trends and enable customized commercial analytics.


CrudeFlow tracks global crude oil tanker fleet utilization and real-time movements to create visibility on different crude flows across the globe and enable customized commercial analytics.


ProductFlow tracks global oil product and chemical tanker fleets, providing a detailed view of trade flows. Combined with CrudeFlow, it enables detailed tracking of maritime exports and imports for individual nearshore refineries.

North American GasFlow

North American GasFlow monitors daily natural gas flows and utilization along all interstate pipelines across North America. By using it combined with our North American Flow and Basis Model, users can not only track real-time gas flow patterns but also test how they will impact regional market balances and price differentials.


EUPipeFlow tracks daily natural gas flows in the EU pipeline system, providing analyses of supply, demand, and storage levels and enabling users to compare utilization of key infrastructure points. It can be applied in a wide variety of use cases, such as impact assessment of unexpected outages and of new gas-system infrastructure.

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