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Fuel strategic decisions with powerful analytics

Our models cover the entire energy value chain and work interdependently to answer any “what if” scenarios based on your organization’s specific needs. We turn data into meaningful insights to help energy players around the world identify opportunities, mitigate risk, and validate their business strategy.

Intelligence across the energy value chain

Energy Demand

Understand the major trends shaping global energy demand with specific insights on transport, industrial, buildings, and power sectors.


Navigate complex global economic and political factors, and understand their impact on oil demand, supply, and pricing dynamics.

Gas & LNG

Access a comprehensive view on global gas and  liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets, which includes real-time insights on flows, fleet and plant utilization, and storage levels. 

Oilfield Services

Make strategic and investment decisions with country-level projections for onshore and offshore rig and well counts, and segment-level market spend and activity in North America.

North American Unconventionals

Stay up to date on current and projected North American shale oil and gas production and infrastructure developments.


Gain insights on how changes in oil price, regulations such as MARPOL, and developing economies will impact refining utilization, crude and product balances, and trade flows.


Understand the emerging technologies and business models that are steering the energy transition.

Financial Services

Be informed of major trends affecting tomorrow’s energy markets and how they impact private equities, banks, and other financial institutions.

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