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Reimagining life sciences and healthcare with digital, analytics, and technology

As we look beyond COVID-19 to the next normal, it is becoming clear that the last decade of experimentation by life sciences companies with digital, analytics, and technology is giving way to large-scale, tech-enabled business transformations. But scaling the impact of digital and analytics is a significant challenge. Most life sciences companies don’t have an existential threat—such as severe pressures on growth or margin, or successful digital disruptors—to help catalyze the migration to digital and the accompanying shift in business models. Our research also suggests that only around 16 percent of digital transformations succeed.

In this context, we hear business and technology executives from across the life sciences industry asking: Where and how should we create our own “burning platform”? How do we build conviction and ability in the organization to act? How can we “un-stick” our digital transformation to create significant, scalable, and measurable value for our organization and the patients and healthcare providers we serve?

Please join us for Quantum Jump, a series of interactive sessions to help life sciences executives reimagine life sciences with digital, analytics, and technology, and lead successful tech-enabled transformations.

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of top-quartile performers agree that most senior technology leaders are involved in shaping enterprise-wide business strategy, compared to only 17% of bottom-quartile performers


of companies indicate that digital operations is a driver for competitiveness but only 46% say their organizations are investing in digital skills


times more revenue is generated by digital leaders who exhibit digital maturity

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