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About this practice

What we do

We are the leading consultancy for pharmaceutical and medical product companies. We have supported our clients on over 4,500 projects in the past five years.

We work across strategy, R&D, operations, and commercial topics. Our broad range of work gives us a comprehensive perspective on many of the issues our clients face:

  • how to achieve growth in a global marketplace
  • how to prioritize R&D investment
  • how to optimize operational effectiveness
  • how to create distinctive products in a crowded marketplace
  • how to navigate healthcare reform

Over 80 percent of our projects are done for clients who have asked us to come back to do more work. Our work often starts with a problem, but doesn't end until our clients have developed lasting capabilities.

Who we are

Indeed, there is a doctor in the house. We have 1,700 consultants with significant healthcare experience, including more than 150 physicians and 250 consultants with advanced degrees in life sciences. We also have more than 75 consultants with advanced degrees in public health, healthcare management, and related fields.

To gain additional insights, we consult with a network of external experts who serve on McKinsey's Standing Therapeutic Areas Teams (STATs) for diabetes, oncology CNS, and other major disease areas. Overall, the STATs Advisory Boards include more than 150 world class external advisors who are key opinion leaders in their fields.