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Go-to-market Gamechanger Forum

Forging resilient growth for B2B industrials, 2023

With complex value chains, industrial companies are facing severe challenges, including the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher energy prices, continuing inflation, as well as labor shortages that threaten the product and service offering of companies. This combination of factors creates risks, but also provides opportunities and at a time of crisis, decision makers have a chance to step back and to review existing Go-to-Market along its structures, operations, and processes.

The Go-to-Market Gamechanger Forum brings together McKinsey experts and the industry’s leading practitioners to share perspectives and discuss potential solutions from their daily work around the scheme of “Resilient growth”.


In this series of events, we will explore industrial Go-to-Market strategies that support resilient growth. Leading industry experts will share their experiences and participate in live problem-solving sessions, helping shape Go-to-Market strategies tailored to the current macro-economic environment.

Join us for this series of 30-minute sessions from March to November 2023. Each session will feature an expert panel and include brief perspectives from McKinsey and industry experts and an in-depth Q&A. Complimentary registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 2023 series will focus on four themes that will shape industrial Go-to-Market strategies:

Volatility and uncertainty

The global economy faces a range of challenges, the trajectory of which are challenging to predict. How can sales organizations cope with complexity around supply chain bottlenecks, geopolitical tensions, and galloping inflation?

Green sales growth

Stakeholders increasingly demand more sustainable products and services, and an operational commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. What contribution can organizations make to the decarbonization agenda while continuing to grow the business?

Sales productivity

Amid increasingly digitized and automated operating models, industrial companies have an opportunity to create more efficient operations and better customer services. How should sales strategies, processes, and organizations adapt to foster resilient performance?

Ecosystem sales

A world of expanding touchpoints and accelerating network effects is creating new ecosystems of companies and complementary offerings. How can sales teams offer an integrated value proposition that transcends organizational boundaries?


All webinars will start at 12PM CET.

Friday 17 March
Sales productivity: Sales productivity for resilient growth

In this session, we offer first-hand insights on how the sales organization can be enabled via leaner processes, new skillsets and enhanced technologies to achieve resilient growth. Join us on this first of six sessions on go-to-market disruption in industrials and discuss with industry leaders on how to set up your business for success.

Friday 12 May
Sales productivity: Tech landscape enablement

Together with McKinsey and industry experts, we will explore the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI-powered capabilities at the heart of customer relationship management to enable an end-to-end growth transformation. Learn from our S4G consulting experts and get best practices on extending the power of Salesforce’s CRM platform to engage with customers anytime, anywhere.

Friday 23 June
Volatility & Uncertainty: Inflation-proof growth

This session provides insights on how to cope with accelerating pricing development and how to form a through-cycle and strategic mindset for customer relationships. Join us in this third session of the event series to discuss with leading inflation-proof growth challenges with leading industry experts.

Friday 1 September
Green sales growth: Sustainability and revenue synergies

In this session, we focus on potential pathways to play offense in the net zero transition for B2B companies. Join us to discover insights on how to capture the full business value from sustainability and turn the decarbonization commitments into durable competitive advantage.

Friday 06 October
Ecosystem sales: Integrated value proposition

In the fifth session of the Go-to-Market Forum for Industrials, we will discuss use cases and best practices of integrated value propositions across organizations together with industry experts, McKinsey experts, and leading startups. Join us to discuss potential use cases for your company or experience first-hand insights how industry leaders unlock new value propositions through value-chain wide cooperation.

Friday 17 November
Volatility & Uncertainty: Advanced sales planning

In this session, we will unveil potential solutions to the increasing uncertainty in supply chains, raw material prices, and customer demand. Industry leaders will share lessons learnt from their successful sales planning transformations.


Partner, Munich

David Sprengel

Helps B2B and B2B2C companies achieve profitable growth through expertise in Go-to-Market strategies, sales effectiveness, sales-push programs, pricing, and growth strategies.
Partner, Munich

Isabel Huber

Leader of the McKinsey Sales & Channel Practice in EMEA, bringing cutting-edge insights to advanced industry clients.
Expert Associate Partner, Brussels

Paolo Cencioni

Supports clients from various industries on analytics-based Pricing, reorganization, and growth transformations.
Fellow Senior Associate, Cologne

Lucas Willcke

Supports clients in the advanced industries tapping into new profit pools by designing growth strategies and building new business models.
Director GM&S Practice Management, Dusseldorf

Julia Katharina Schmidt

Develops latest Go-to-Market insights in the GM&S practice, served clients from various industries before across Go-to-Market topics.
Fellow Senior Associate, Munich

Alexander Schult

Supports advanced industry clients in the transformation of Go-to-Market models and analytics-based pricing.
Senior Associate, Frankfurt

Christopher Beisecker

Supports clients from advanced industries and electronics sector in their Go-to-Market transformations.
Junior Associate, Brussels

Jacopo Gibertini

Serves B2B companies in various sectors to develop their commercial team and Go-to-Market strategy.


Our 2022 series was all about leveraging the power of omnichannel, data, and automation to create real business value and transform organizational cultures. Watch some of the highlights below:

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