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Transformative perspectives: Women leaders in insurance

Female insurance leaders and executives from across geographies, product lines, and functions offer their unique insights on the state and future of the industry.

In this series of interviews, female insurance executives and McKinsey partners offer a rich tapestry of viewpoints on where the industry stands today and where it needs to evolve to close protection gaps, expand the industry’s market relevance, and continually seek better ways to serve customers and society.

Opening doors for women leaders: An interview with Caroline Feeney

– As executive vice president and CEO of US businesses at Prudential, Caroline Feeney has found success by staying true to herself... and helping others to climb the ladder.

Building purpose-led businesses: An interview with Ingrid Johnson

– For Ingrid Johnson, president of Sun Life Asia, helping clients achieve financial security starts with building businesses under... a common purpose.

The power of proposition: An interview with AIA’s Alice Liang

– The chief proposition officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau offers insights on how products, ecosystems, and planning tools can... drive innovation and transform the customer journey.

Get inspired: Interviews with more than 20 McKinsey partners

Women in insurance: Leading voices on trends affecting insurers

Women in insurance: Leading voices on trends affecting insurers

McKinsey partners offer insights into the latest in insurance—new technologies, services, and customers. Their expertise covers all relevant topics, functions, and lines of business.

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Creating an inclusive environment in insurance

– As one of the most diverse sectors for entry-level workers, the insurance industry has a unique opportunity to help marginalized... people advance. It starts with creating an inclusive environment.

Accelerating diversity in insurance

– The picture of diversity in insurance varies across markets and companies. In this podcast episode, McKinsey experts explore the... challenges of increasing diversity and the best places to start.

Closing the gender and race gaps in North American financial services

– An updated view into gender and racial diversity in financial services—as well as women’s day-to-day work experiences—reveals... some progress. But challenges in building an equitable and inclusive workplace persist.