Catch up on the best insights: Top five insurance articles on

The five most-read insurance articles of 2019 include perspectives on the future of claims and underwriting, the digital transformation of the bancassurance channel, and how insurers can benefit from the Internet of Things.

From art to science: The future of underwriting in commercial P&C insurance

Underwriting is essential to performance excellence. Today’s insurance carriers must evolve their role to meet the industry and customer needs of tomorrow. What do leading players have in common? They focus on five essential building blocks and four key critical enablers.

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Digital ecosystems for insurers: Opportunities through the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has entered customers’ everyday lives around the globe and transformed business models across industries. This environment brings opportunities for insurers: to develop new products, open new distribution channels, and extend their role to include prediction, prevention, and assistance.

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Bancassurance: It's time to go digital

As customers and banks shift to digital technologies, bancassurers need to rethink their distribution model. To boost growth, they should focus on three elements: making the most of unique banking data and analytics to enhance personalization, tapping the potential of digital technologies to offer superior customer service, and mastering omnichannel customer engagement.

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Claims 2030: Dream or reality?

Over the next decade, the insurance industry will undergo immense change. Next-generation capabilities have the potential to completely transform the claims process, moving from traditional claims handling to claims prevention. Carriers should focus on four areas to unlock value.

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How to win in insurance: Climbing the power curve

A small group of winners captures much of the economic profit in the insurance industry. New research quantifies just how far ahead the leaders are—and what other insurers can do to catch up. By taking a hard look at the potential of strategic initiatives to achieve bold results, insurers can realistically forecast the odds that the strategy will transform performance.

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