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Financial decision-maker sentiment: Japan

An ongoing look at how the attitudes of financial decision makers in Japan are evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost all Japanese financial decision makers are unsure or pessimistic about the economic recovery post COVID-19. Over 40% of consumers expect the economy and their personal financial situations to worsen in the next three months, down from over 50% last month. Only one quarter of consumers are concerned about their job security, and half have nine months or more in savings to live off. A majority of consumers feel banks are performing below expectations and would like them to improve their websites to allow for more seamless online transactions.

About the author(s)

Eunjo Chon is a partner in McKinsey’s Tokyo office, John Euart is an associate in the New York office, David Hutchinson is a specialist in the New Jersey office, and Sameer Kumar is a partner in the Kuala Lumpur office.

The authors would like to thank Harshit Gupta for his contributions to this article.

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