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Education technology, services, and investors

We work with entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors to design, launch, and grow new support systems and solutions, expanding educational access and improving student outcomes

The promise of technology in school systems of all types is great—enabling personalized learning, saving teacher time, and equipping students with the skills they need for success.

We understand the power of technology in support of educational systems and outcomes around the world, and work closely with those investing in, innovating, and delivering on its potential. By working directly with schools, and from our ongoing research, we possess deep understanding of how students learn - and where they are struggling - to ensure that investments in education achieve maximum impact.

What we do

Education investment strategy and opportunity assessment

Drawing on our deep knowledge of schooling and investing, we identify and assess investment opportunities for improved performance and results that lead to educational improvement

New venture incubation

Working with leading organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors, we help design and build entirely new ventures in education and training of all types, for learners at all levels

Transformation and implementation

Harnessing our understanding of how to make change in complex organizations happen, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with management teams and boards to turn around and accelerate performance and build organizational capacity

Coalition and network building

Building partnerships across and within sectors, we help coalitions of organizations come together to develop and deliver a shared vision of success for learning outcomes of all types

Examples of our work

Expansion of a global media company into learning

Supporting a multiyear partnership with a global media company to build a new business in workforce development and corporate learning in healthcare

  • One billion euro revenue roadmap developed through a combination of organic- and inorganic-investment strategies
  • Supporting the re-envisioning of the company as a learning company

Creating a national online job-training platform for youth

Working with governments and other partners, launching a new online-training platform to improve job readiness of young adults in a country facing 25 percent or more of youth unemployment

  • 270,000 students enrolled—50,000 within the first six months
  • 20 offerings live at launch, built on national skills standards
  • 40 major employer endorsements for training and certifications

Expansion of tech company into higher education and corporate training

Supporting a technology company in developing a strategy to reorient its legacy assets to drive growth in higher education and corporate learning

  • $2 billion in high-margin opportunities identified
  • Partnerships in place with launch of new products underway within the first year

Featured Experts

Frankki Bevins
Partner, Denver
Partners with public, private, and nonprofit organizations to set bold strategies and build teams that can realize them
Jake Bryant
Partner, Seattle
Helps education organizations spanning early learning, K-12, higher education, and adult learning improve learning and life outcomes,...
Alberto Chaia
Senior Partner, Miami
Works with clients in Mexico, Latin America and globally to develop strategies for economic development, financial inclusion and...
Joy Chen
Partner, New York
Serves public and private sector clients on climate transition issues
Li-Kai Chen
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Leads our office in Malaysia and advises companies and public sector institutions on major organizational and performance transformation...
Wan-Lae Cochran
Partner, Washington DC
Supports public, private, and social sector organizations in designing and executing strategies that will help advance inclusive...
Andrew Goodman
Senior Partner, London
Serves companies, governments and investors. He works with clients in sectors that are being disrupted to deliver strategic transformations....
Stephen Hall
Senior Partner, London
Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance...
Jussi Hiltunen
Partner, Helsinki
Works with leading Finnish and Northern European companies and investors on strategy and transformational change with focus on...
Jonathan Law
Senior Partner
Supports education organizations and state, provincial, and local governments design and implement major initiatives that advance...
Cheryl Lim
Partner, Singapore
Advises public- and private-sector clients in education, youth employment and engagement, and tourism, as they pursue policy,...
Dr. Fiyinfolu Oladiran
Partner, Washington DC
Leads the Public Sector and Social Sector Practices and advises on economic transformations, with a focus on public finance for...
Duwain Pinder
Partner, Ohio - Cleveland
Serves colleges and universities on strategy and performance improvements and supports organizations across sectors on racial...
Saurabh Sanghvi
Partner, Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Partners with public, private, and not-for-profit organizations around the world to set bold strategies and execute plans that...
Jimmy Sarakatsannis
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Offers broad and deep expertise in education, with a particular interest in the use of technology to transform teaching and learning
Anna Wiesinger
Partner, Düsseldorf
Advises public-and private-sector clients, with a focus on digitalization processes and transformation management for education,...
Emma Dorn
Senior Knowledge Expert, Bay Area
Supports education donors, foundations, systems, and institutions to improve education outcomes and equity for all students, with...
John-Paul (JP) Julien
Partner, Philadelphia
Serves US federal, state and city governments on inclusive economic-development topics and supports private-, public-, and social-sector...

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