Mexican consumers seek value and convenience—and find it online

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Consumers in Mexico are feeling slightly more optimistic about both their country’s economy and their own ability to meet financial commitments in the coming year—but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking for ways to spend less. In fact, their persistent quest for value is the main reason many of them continue to shop online: e-commerce still has a larger market share than it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. These are among the findings of a ConsumerWise survey conducted in early 2023 among more than 1,000 Mexican consumers across income groups. The following five charts show highlights from the survey.

Many respondents found it hard to make ends meet last year, but 30 percent expect some relief in the coming year.
More consumers are trading down, especially in commoditized categories.
Consumers look to e-commerce for better prices but worry about receiving faulty items.
Mexican consumers are increasingly comfortable buying cosmetics, electronics, and toys online.
Consumers say they’re engaging in healthier eating habits.

These survey results indicate that the pandemic has had lasting effects on consumer behavior in Mexico. Consumers continue to reduce their spending, shop online, and cook at home. As optimism about the economy rises, businesses will need to maintain their agility and respond quickly to meet the changing demands of their customers. For more detailed data and insights, email

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