Gaining competitive advantage with GenAI in automotive sales: A global view

| McKinsey Direct

OEMs and dealers have begun experimenting with GenAI in most functions, but its application within marketing and sales remains nascent. Some companies have started pilots but have not yet deployed it at a larger scale. Part of the challenge is that the companies have difficulty determining which GenAI use cases will generate the most impact when so many are possible and each function seems to have its own GenAI ambitions. Scale-up may also seem daunting because of the investment and resources required, as well as the risks associated with any new technology. But OEMs and dealers now realize that inaction is not an option if they want to remain competitive in the market.

To help automotive organizations chart a path forward, we surveyed ~200 automotive marketing and sales executives in China, Europe, and North America to determine how GenAI is now being used in marketing and sales worldwide, as well as future plans for its use. We also conducted expert interviews to supplement our findings. This research helped identify priority use cases, including those related to increasing efficiency and attaining higher levels of personalization. It also revealed the main challenges that interfere with implementation, as well as potential solutions.

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