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The digital revolution is brewing in the industrials sector

– In the coming years, winning companies will prioritize digital to build business resilience through customer-centric innovation, talent acquisition and retention, and operational excellence.

The Titanium Economy: Emerging stronger in the face of disruption

– American industrial technology companies offer lessons on building resilience and adopting a through-cycle mindset in times of... economic uncertainty.

The Titanium Economy: How to overcome the challenge of filling high-quality jobs

– Thriving industrial technology companies use apprenticeships, upskilling, and upward mobility to staff and retain their workforces.

Identifying opportunities and starting to build a new green business in the industrial sector

– As climate change intensifies, industrial companies will need a new approach for developing sustainable products and services.

Building resilient supply chains for the European energy transition

– To ensure a timely and orderly energy transition, companies and other stakeholders urgently need to strengthen each step... of the already-stretched supply chains of key technologies.

Featured Publications

The Titanium Economy

How industrial technology can create a better, faster, stronger America

McKinsey on Semiconductors

This issue of McKinsey on Semiconductors explores the repercussions of the continuing chip shortage and looks ahead to... a post-pandemic future in which semiconductor companies will encounter even greater challenges and opportunities.

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Net-zero heat: Long-duration energy storage to accelerate energy system decarbonization

– Thermal energy storage has the potential to greatly contribute to decarbonizing global heat and power, while helping to ensure... the energy system operates affordably, reliably, and efficiently.

Europe’s EV opportunity—and the charging infrastructure needed to meet it

– To go carbon neutral by 2050, Europe needs more electric vehicles on the road—and many more EV chargers too. What will this... build-out look like and what might it cost?

The Titanium Economy: Capturing opportunities in the energy transition

– Industrial technology companies have a key role in the sustainability marketplace.

Giga-scaling low-carbon batteries: A chat with Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson

– As global demand for low-carbon batteries accelerates, Northvolt’s CEO plans to scale a sustainable and profitable business... at record speed.

Power spike: How battery makers can respond to surging demand from EVs

– As the auto market embraces electric vehicles, battery demand is soaring. Bold moves in gigafactory construction, supply chain... strategy, and talent acquisition can help industry players get ahead.

Five charts on hydrogen’s role in a net-zero future

– Hydrogen has great potential as a carbon-free energy carrier. Here’s a look at the momentum behind this widely applicable technology.

Smartphones on wheels: New rules for automotive-product development

– Software-driven cars need new agile, customer-centric processes along the entire product life cycle, with a software- and data-focused... architecture, to bring product development into the 21st century.

The Titanium Economy: An introduction

– Meet the US industrial-technology companies that are driving innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth.

The future of automotive computing: Cloud and edge

– The rise of 5G and edge computing will create new opportunities along the automotive supply chain. How can semiconductor companies... and other stakeholders capture it?

Logistics Disruptors: Motive’s Shoaib Makani on AI and automation

– Motive has expanded beyond its roots in trucking to serve a panoply of industries. How does it use AI-driven automation to solve... problems ranging from driver safety to building security?

Rapid throughput improvement at mature semiconductor fabs

– A shortage of automotive chips has shut down OEM production lines. How can fabs rapidly increase wafer output as vehicle demand... surges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?
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