Supply Chain and Transportation

In supply chain and transportation, it’s crucial to address how to provide capacity for the return and offer clarity on the next normal. This World Economic Forum – McKinsey industry action group looks to address bottlenecks in areas such as air cargo, and to shed light on issues that could impede a concerted response.

Key Themes

Remove bottlenecks

Get goods moving again in air freight and ocean or road transport

Harmonize health protocols

Enable logistics supply chains to ramp up capacity

Offer transparency

Use open-source dashboards to understand supply and demand

Insights on supply chain and transportation


Is the world up to the challenge of mass COVID-19 vaccination?

– Amid the unforeseen effects of the pandemic on at-risk and lower-income communities, governments and organizations around the world must convene to ensure effective distribution of newly developed vaccines.

Global freight flows after COVID-19: What’s next?

– COVID-19 will likely affect trade more profoundly than any other recent crisis. Leaders with a well-informed perspective on potential trade scenarios can begin their recovery from a position of strength.

A new approach in tracking travel demand

– The scale of the current crisis in airlines is unprecedented. To recover, the industry will need better data on where and when demand is likely to rebound.

US freight after COVID-19: What’s next?

– The pandemic has scrambled customer demand, further muddying a complicated picture. New research highlights four forces to watch.

Startup funding in logistics

– A new report looks at the impact of new money in an old industry—and what it means for incumbents, startups, and investors.

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