Unwind with these reads on National Day of Unplugging

Whether you’re a working adult or a fun-seeking kid, you’re probably spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. But despite the many conveniences that digital devices offer us, it’s important to engage in activities that stretch our other muscles. On #NationalDayOfUnplugging, spend some time away from technology, and when you’re ready, ease back in with some relaxed content from McKinsey, including:

McKinsey for Kids

K-pop, culture, containers, and why Asia’s where the action is

I, Robot? What technology shifts mean for tomorrow’s jobs

A tiger’s tale about what nature is really worth

(Food) waste not, want not

Author Talks

The made-up words that make our world

The making of a modern fairy tale

A forgotten chapter in the history of TV

Somebody tell a joke

The McKinsey Crossword

State Your Name

The Color of Love

C Minus

Memoirs of Multimillionaires

My Rookie Moment

Being bold



Sticky Situations