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What is management consulting? And how does it help businesses and the world? This interactive series tells stories about our work to help you understand what McKinsey does and why it matters, whether you’re 16 or 64 (if you’re young at heart or a committed lifelong learner, this is for you, too!). Explore to learn about some of the problems we help solve, from protecting nature to preparing for the jobs of the future.

McKinsey for Kids: Space Junk—it’s out of this world

– Rockets, satellites, moonwalks and more: let’s explore space in this seventh edition of McKinsey for Kids. Find your flight suit and buckle up for a closer look at the future of space and how people are trying to deal with the stratospheric equivalent of your family’s junk drawer.

McKinsey for Kids: Game on! Why your computer learns faster and games better than you think

– Computers can solve some problems better and faster than humans can—but only after humans train the machines to use artificial intelligence. Let’s explore the world of gaming to figure out how.

McKinsey for Kids: K-pop, culture, containers, and why Asia’s where the action is

– Ever thought about who makes many of the viral videos you watch or the T-shirt you’re wearing, and how it really got to you? In a new McKinsey for Kids, let’s head to Asia and think about really fun things like big container ships and supply chains.

McKinsey for Kids: I, Robot? What technology shifts mean for tomorrow’s jobs

– Tomorrow’s jobs will look different from today’s—and not just because you might be working alongside robots. In this edition of McKinsey for Kids, peer into the future of work and what it may hold for you, whether you’re thinking about becoming a doctor, an influencer—or a garbage designer.

McKinsey for Kids: A tiger’s tale about what nature is really worth

– Itching to spot a sloth or maybe track a tiger in the wild someday? In this edition of McKinsey for Kids, let’s explore mangrove forests, which have unique trees that grow near tropical ocean coastlines, and why protecting nature can help tigers and other endangered species—and also all of us.

McKinsey for Kids: (Food) waste not, want not

– In this edition of McKinsey for Kids, see why throwing away food is a bigger problem than you think—and what McKinsey and others are doing to help reduce food waste so more people can fill their bellies.

McKinsey for Kids: Hungry fish, baffled farmers, and what happened next

– You’re a kid. You’ve heard of McKinsey—maybe your parent even works here—yet you don’t quite get what we do all day. Basically, we help solve problems. Learn more about what we do and check out this interactive that shows how we helped some fish farmers in Latin America.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as we have in making them. Tell us what you think and what you’d like to see us explore in the next McKinsey for Kids! Drop a note to our publisher, Raju Narisetti, at newideas@mckinsey.com.

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