The future of the car

Over the past 20 years, the automotive sector has navigated a wave of disruptions; in the next decade, changes will come faster than ever—and with greater force and impact, write Kevin Laczkowski, Amuche Okeke-Agba, Andy Voelker, and Brooke Weddle in a new article. Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared/smart mobility trends are reshaping the landscape and intensifying the war for talent. At the same time, ongoing supply chain interruptions, rising raw-material costs, and the war in Ukraine are upheaving the macroeconomic environment. Where does the automotive sector go from here? As the FT kicks off its three-day Future of the Car summit—an in-person and virtual gathering of more than 1,000 carmakers and their technology partners—check out these insights to understand how automotive and mobility companies can develop organizational resilience, new skills, and strategic alliances to future-proof businesses and ensure long-term success.

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