The Board Perspective: A collection of McKinsey insights

The pandemic—and the extraordinary pressure it put on organizations—served as a catalyst for strengthening board effectiveness. The most adaptable boards made a range of structural changes after the onset of the pandemic, and nearly 70 percent said they were much more focused on corporate resilience than their peers. As organizational priorities shift to purpose, talent, geopolitical risks, climate change, and more, the role of the board will likely further evolve. Which activities should the board engage in, and how? Read this collection of insights on how to further enhance the value of your board, and dive deeper into the latest perspectives on:

  • the role of the board
  • board structure and foundations
  • board effectiveness

Boards, talent, and culture

How boards can help digital transformations

The role of boards in fostering resilience

Boards and cybersecurity

The board’s role in embedding corporate purpose: Five actions directors can take today

Climbing the private-equity learning curve

Investors remind business leaders: Governance matters

Growth and prosperity: A conversation with economist Dambisa Moyo

Boards and decision making

How boards have risen to the COVID-19 challenge, and what’s next