How to support the LGBTQ+ community at work and beyond

This #PrideMonth, businesses all over the world are showing support to their LGBTQ+ employees—but is it enough? Despite visible progress, LGBTQ+ people continue to face discrimination, discomfort, and even threats to safety and existence. Check out these insights to learn how your organization can help improve the workplace experience for LGBTQ+ employees and for employees who have LGBTQ+ family members, and dive deeper into these topics:

  • what businesses can do to improve the transgender work experience
  • how same-sex couples are leading the way in balancing careers with at-home responsibilities
  • why LGBTQ+ and nonbinary employees are more likely to prefer hybrid work
  • how inclusivity reduces burnout, and boosts job satisfaction and employee retention

Active allyship: Do your LGBTQ+ employees feel supported and included?

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