Embracing growth and building resilience during economic uncertainty

Every business leader and CEO aspires to deliver growth, but for many, growth remains elusive. In times of uncertainty, growth is an important facet of resilience; leaders who adopt a growth mindset are better positioned to thrive under disruptions and other challenging situations--and outperform their peers. Outperformers take risks, understand their customers, favor action over perfection, focus on the long-term, and give control to others, according to McKinsey's Biljana Cvetanovski, Eric Hazan, Jesko Perrey, and Dennis Spillecke. Explore these insights to understand how to make sustainable, inclusive growth a reality, and dive deeper into topics including:

  • how companies can seize green growth opportunities as we look toward a net-zero future
  • the importance of resilience as disruptions and crises arise over time
  • the ten rules for creating value-generating growth
  • how CFOs and other business leaders can deliver sustainable, inclusive growth

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