How is Europe keeping pace with global players on innovation?


The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review

– The results of this year’s McKinsey Global Survey on AI show the expansion of the technology’s use since we began tracking it five years ago, but with a nuanced picture underneath.

Building a world-class Dutch start-up ecosystem

– A strategy to both increase the number of start-ups and facilitate their ability to scale can elevate the Netherlands to a global... leader in the world of entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Hard choices: How Europe’s fastest-growing start-ups become unicorns

– Just one in ten start-ups valued at $100 million grows to $1 billion within four years. Here are five trade-offs they made to... get there.

Why intangibles are the key to faster growth in Europe

– Globally, high-growth companies invest more in intangibles, such as brand, skills, and knowledge. European companies could fuel... greater growth with the same strategy.

Digital resilience: Consumer survey finds ample scope for growth

– Opportunities are there for the taking in mobile, new digital services, and improved digital experiences.

Resetting the e-commerce model to achieve profitable growth in Europe

– Winning EU consumer goods players are reprioritizing channels and markets to drive online sales, shifting to an online-first playbook,... and investing in tech and specialist talent.

Using advanced analytics to improve performance in customs agencies

– Machine learning and other analytics tools can improve fraud detection and strategic workforce planning, among other potential... benefits.

Why digital trust truly matters

– Consumer faith in cybersecurity, data privacy, and responsible AI hinges on what companies do today—and establishing this... digital trust just might lead to business growth.

Can e-commerce help customs agencies fix old problems?

– Transformations that aim to unlock more opportunities from e-commerce could also help customs agencies tackle issues they’ve long... wrestled with, including revenue leakage and illicit goods flows.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Can the automotive industry scale fast enough?

– The rapidly increasing uptake of electric vehicles could transform the automotive ecosystem and promote even greater innovations.... For that to happen, two imperatives need attention now.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Securing Europe’s future beyond energy: Addressing its corporate and technology gap

– European leaders have shown great resolve in their initial response at scale and speed to the war in Ukraine. They will need to... build the same momentum to face the region’s slow-motion corporate and technology crisis. An estimated €2 trillion to €4 trillion of annual value could be at stake—six times the amount needed for the net-zero transition—and with it Europe’s long-term prosperity and strategic autonomy. A program of 11 actions can turn the tide.

How advanced analytics can address agricultural supply chain shocks

– Building automated supply chain planning systems to address global shocks could lead to significant cost savings for agricultural... organizations.

Reversal of fortune: How European software can play to its strengths

– A relative lack of top software companies threatens Europe’s economic competitiveness. To turn that tide, the private sector... has to stop trying to play catch-up and take an altogether new approach.

Managing growth and value creation in SaaS: An interview with a software leader

– Sue Barsamian, a veteran executive who now sits on several software company boards, discusses growth, product–market fit,... new tools for better metrics, and diversity in the C-suite and boardroom.

Infographic: The McKinsey Biotech Innovation Index

– Europe may be catching up with the United States in biotech innovation and funding. Its overall score on the Biotech Innovation... Index improved by 20 percent in 2015–17 and 2018–20.

Winning formula: How Europe’s top tech start-ups get it right

– We studied Europe’s top 1,000 start-ups to learn how they succeed in the region’s fragmented value pool and found... the answers lie in four distinct strategic plays.

Europe’s innovation wunderkinds: The rising B2B start-up ecosystem

– While B2B start-ups are making Europe more competitive, start-ups, investors, and corporates will need to share expertise and... work as partners to realize the region’s full entrepreneurial potential.

Europe’s start-up ecosystem: Heating up, but still facing challenges

– More ventures are achieving unicorn status, and at a faster pace, but many more still aren’t realizing their full potential.... What’s holding them back, and what can change that?
Global theme

Innovating Europe

Europe needs to innovate at scale to support its economic and social system. This special collection explores the innovation opportunities... and challenges facing the continent in domains ranging from digital and AI, to green technology, to education, training and the future of work.

Explore the future of work in Europe

– Technology and structural shifts in the economy are reshaping the workplace and will continue to do so after the COVID-19 crisis... abates.

How purpose-led missions can help Europe innovate at scale

– Missions can foster broad collaboration between business leaders and the public sector while also garnering support from European... citizens.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Reviving innovation in Europe

– Innovation is of fundamental importance for Europe’s economic and social system. These five paths could build on its strengths... and help the continent regain its competitive edge.

Biotech in Europe: A strong foundation for growth and innovation

– European companies have an opportunity to play a stronger role in the industry by focusing on three factors.

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