Upcoming events and initiatives

The McKinsey Canada Leadership Awards are just some of our many programs to help individuals get to know McKinsey better. Follow the Real Life at McKinsey Facebook page and subscribe to our Careers blog for more information about our people and upcoming events and initiatives.

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McKinsey Canada

We exemplify the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and vibrancy of Canada.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in our firm’s history and daily practice.

Women at McKinsey

Attracting and developing exceptional talent is core to our mission. If we do not have equal representation of women, we are missing out on critical talent.

McKinsey Black Network

Since 1991, McKinsey’s global Black Consultants network has brought people together and created opportunities for colleagues, clients, and alumni.

GLAM, LGBTQIA2S+ at McKinsey

GLAM is our vibrant worldwide network of LGBTQIA2S+ colleagues who are committed to supporting one another’s success and to attracting other exceptional LGBTQIA2S+ individuals into the McKinsey community.