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PhD & Post-Doctorate Programs

Advanced Professional Degree Candidates

We encourage you to explore this site for more information about McKinsey and the recruiting process. We hope to meet you on campus to continue the discussion about why we think McKinsey would be the right place for.

You will be considered as a UK Advanced Professional Degree Student if you are currently pursuing a PhD, a Post-Doc or if you hold a Marshall, Rhodes, or Gates Scholarship. If you have already graduated and have worked for more than half a year after finishing your PhD, you will be considered as an experienced hire.

Please note that in UK Master students as well as MDs are not considered APD applicants and will be considered for business analyst positions.

Have more questions about your candidacy or the APD application and interview process?

Read our APD Tips here or contact us by email at

Recruiting team

Class of '13

James Polyblank

Recruiting lead

Freya Birdie


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May 01 2019
Dec 31 2019

Virtual Academy

May 01 – December 31

Are you a Masters or PhD student in Europe and want to further develop your problem-solving and analytical skills? Would you like to do this from the comfort of your own home?

Our Virtual Academy combines modules from one of our most recognisable capability building programmes, McKinsey Academy, with Harvard ManageMentor online courses as well as various virtual skills workshops and a team challenge.

Sep 13 2019
Sep 15 2019


September 13 – September 15
Do you enjoy finding creative solutions to problems? Are you a professional with fewer than ten years of work experience, a late stage PhD or Master’s student, or a postdoctoral? Start your expedition and discover the diversity of McKinsey. At Expedition you will have the chance to tailor your personal agenda by choosing workshops that interest you. You will also strengthen your personal capabilities and become more self-aware at our leadership trainings. We welcome applications from all backgrounds, areas of expertise and fields of study. To learn more, visit:

A science PhD is all about solving problems effectively and creatively, and so is management consulting. It is fantastic that McKinsey sees this.

Michael Gwinner

Class of '11

Opportunities for Advanced Professional Degree Candidates

Many advanced professional degree candidates join us as an associate or junior associate consultants (positions vary based on office and experience). APD candidates may also consider applying for an associate or business analyst internship position depending on degree or work experience, usually for the summer prior to their penultimate year of their program; timing of internships can vary based on your academic schedule. Please note that the London office does not offer internships to APD students.

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