Product Development & Procurement (PDP) Fellow Program

Product Development & Procurement is a rapidly growing service line within McKinsey that helps organizations unlock growth through product and cost transformations, with an emphasis on sustainability, customer experience, and the latest digital and analytical solutions.

Program overview

As a Product Development & Procurement (PDP) fellow, you will work with teams of McKinsey colleagues and clients to innovate on products and processes and deliver value and impact to clients. The PDP fellow program is an 18-month analyst-level project with a focus on our Operations Practice and the firm’s Operations Excellence Program.

Throughout the program, you will rotate between three different roles where you will focus on helping our clients transform their organizations through innovation and design, product and portfolio optimization, category management, and supplier collaboration. In addition to serving clients, you will help shape McKinsey's thinking in the product development and procurement area, and continuously develop your own knowledge as well as that of the firm.

By joining McKinsey as a PDP fellow, you will be immersed in a close community of like-minded individuals. At the start of the program, you will be assigned a mentor to ensure development from the beginning. Furthermore, various virtual and in-person events will be held to help you and the larger fellow community stay connected.

PDP fellows can be based in our Atlanta, Chicago, or San Francisco offices. You will travel frequently to work with teams from different backgrounds and extend your network across multiple offices.

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