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Data Scientist, Costa Rica


With a background in business administration and finance, Elis took a leap joining McKinsey as a research analyst. The move ignited a passion to use advanced analytics to improve global healthcare.


My work could influence how and where patients are treated and has the potential to save lives.

I got my bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in financial management and Chinese studies from Trier University in Germany. I was in business administration and finance before joining McKinsey as a research analyst.

When I started at the firm, I didn’t have all the technical skills for a data science role. However, my managers and colleagues helped me quickly gain the experience I needed to perform at my best.

Diving head first into solving healthcare challenges

Now, as a data scientist with a speciality in healthcare, I’m leading data workstreams from start to finish: scoping out a data need, writing the query, and completing the process through extracting the data. Then, I analyze the data and shape the final output.

For example, I’m working on a healthcare project to improve care for surgery patients. We’re analyzing data sets to identify procedures that could be done in an ambulatory or outpatient setting rather than a hospital or inpatient setting. My work could influence how and where people are treated and has the potential to save lives.

When I am not working

I love splitting my free time between travelling and staying at home. It’s great to discover new places. I relocated from Germany to Costa Rica five years ago, and I have a goal to visit all the beautiful beaches in this country. Still, there is nothing better than enjoying a homecooked meal in my backyard with my family and dog.


University of Trier
MBA, business administration, Chinese studies

Beijing Language and Culture University
Mandarin Chinese

University of Trier
Graduate studies, business administration and Chinese studies

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