McKinsey Academy in action

Hi everyone,

Last year I wrote about my experience working with McKinsey Academy and developing digital training modules to increase our clients’ capabilities. I’m happy to report that our capability building work has been going strong: We are driving a ton of new content development across all of our training topics and we’ve been piloting a number of these modules across different clients. Right before my vacation, I spent a day in Iowa training a client across two modules, and then a few weeks later I spent time with a Canadian client doing the same thing (see the above picture of the view of Newfoundland from the plane).

It has been great to see the new materials and the work we do with McKinsey Academy in action. Our learning modules use case-based, active learning. We developed them using the Prism Principles, which is all about hands-on learning instead of lecturing. The programs have been really well received by our clients.

On a final note, I’m gearing up for a big workshop later this month for a client going through an RTS transformation. I’m working with their indirect sourcing team to plan a special onboarding session for their new hires, so it will be a good opportunity to create positive impact at the client.

Until next time,