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McKinsey as a platform for change

Tosin wanted to leverage her background in public health to make a difference in Africa, so she joined McKinsey.

In July 2014, I was seeking new career opportunities after a being a physician in Nigeria for a few years. I came to John Hopkins University to pursue a dual master’s in public health and business. I wasn’t sure what my next career path would look like, but after several months of soul searching and many coffee chats with friends and acquaintances, I honed in on three things I wanted:

  • Creating change that matters in the developing world with a special focus on Africa
  • Using my clinical knowledge and new-found public health and business acumen
  • A job where no day is the same, aka NEVER BE BORED
Tosin feeding a giraffe in Africa
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Shortly before graduation, a friend referred me to McKinsey’s Africa Delivery Hub site, and I was pleasantly surprised to find all my priorities laid out in one job posting. McKinsey offered, and continues to offer, a platform to affect the change I want to see in the world by helping African governments design and implement transformation projects that touch the lives of millions.

Support that matters

One of the most surprising things to me about McKinsey is the sheer amount of support I get from the firm as a whole and from colleagues individually. Starting with my interviews, I was astonished to find case coaches dedicated to guiding me and other candidates through the process. The experience left me feeling valued and wanted by this firm with a reputation of recruiting exceptional people.


This, followed by the coaching sessions I’ve received from senior and junior colleagues, are huge contributors to the sense of community I have come to deeply appreciate. I vividly remember one of the business analysts on my first engagement staying up late to teach me excel shortcuts, even though he had his own deadlines to meet. Still today, those tricks make me a more effective consultant.


More recently, I received a staggering amount of support when I had my first child. Informal moms’ groups, replete with all types of tips you won’t find elsewhere – shout out to Lagos “MomKinsey” group – welcomed me with open arms. The flexible work options McKinsey offers have also made a huge difference.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned at McKinsey is to bring my whole self, not just my best self, to work. This has helped me open up and explore even more parts of myself so I become a better, more impactful leader.

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