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Africa Delivery Hub

We help Africa’s governments and social-sector institutions to address complex public and social challenges. Our purpose is to drive significant, tangible, and lasting improvements in service delivery for African citizens. We work to support schools and health systems; improve infrastructure, power supply, and food production; and boost investment and economic growth.

Africa Delivery Hub (ADH) has been set up to pioneer a new way of working with public- and social-sector organizations. It involves:

  • Mobilizing local specialists with relevant experience and a proven record of getting things done on the ground
  • Tailoring methods, costs, and plans to suit clients’ timeframes, budgets, and geographic and business contexts
  • Working alongside clients to develop the organizational changes, operational processes, and capabilities they need to deliver sustainable long-term impact.

In some of its recent projects, ADH has helped individual countries to:

  • Stimulate fivefold growth in government tax revenues in two years
  • Create 60,000 additional preschool places within 12 months
  • Connect 185,000 rural households to clean water supplies in three years

ADH offers a compelling combination of:

  • Deep local experience. Many of our staff are hired from the countries where they work—Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa—and combine years of experience in government or the social sector with strong track records in local operations. Working alongside colleagues with global expertise in healthcare, education, tax, infrastructure, implementation, and other fields, they help bring clients the best global solutions tailored to fit the local context.
  • Hands-on approach. We work with clients to drive results through tried-and-tested methods and models geared to their time and cost constraints. Our intensive delivery methodology brings together key stakeholders, experts, public officials, and others to develop strategies, initiatives, budgets, and implementation plans within a compressed timeframe. The outcomes of our work are public knowledge and have tangible impact on citizens’ lives.
  • Support with implementation. By embedding teams in clients’ organizations for short periods, we move beyond recommendations to long-term impact, helping to strengthen leaders, ensure alignment, and optimize management practices and processes. We have helped to roll out initiatives across provinces, build public/private partnerships, and advise on strategic transactions. To get results, we set up delivery units or supplement clients’ existing structures to improve governance, identify risks, and monitor progress.
  • An integrated approach to reform. We support clients at every stage of a transformation, from diagnosis to strategy to implementation. As an example, we helped one African country develop a comprehensive plan for its key agricultural sectors, with funding provided by a major global foundation. The ministry of agriculture adopted the strategy and is piloting initiatives in farmer-training centers across the country. To oversee the reforms, the country set up an agency that employs more than 100 people and reports directly to the prime minister.
  • Capability building for clients. Our goal is to leave organizations equipped to carry on the work by themselves. Through on-the-job client coaching, mentoring, and field-and-forum training, we help clients at all levels develop new skills and become future change leaders, taking responsibility for results, and sustaining improvements long after a project ends.
Learn how the Africa Delivery Hub drives significant, tangible, and lasting improvements in service delivery for African citizens.

Featured experts

Bobby Demissie

Partner, Addis Ababa

David Fine

Senior Partner, London

Kartik Jayaram

Senior Partner, Nairobi

Kannan Lakmeeharan

Partner, Johannesburg


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