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An international network to deliver high-impact solutions

Tony shares his experience leveraging the global network of McKinsey experts to deliver a high impact cyber solution to a client.

Tony joined McKinsey Digital in Tokyo as a senior associate in September 2020, after working in Singapore for four years. He came back to Japan to play an active role supporting Japanese companies in getting a stronger position on the global market. He specializes in ERP/System implementation, Digital new business strategy and Agile product/system development.

In this blog post, Tony shares his experience leveraging the global network of McKinsey experts to deliver a high impact cyber solution to a client.

International network of highly driven specialists

My personal highlight of working for McKinsey Digital in Tokyo
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“I joined McKinsey from another consulting firm, and I must say there are a few things I have experienced only here. What really distinguishes McKinsey among other organizations is the easy and immediate access to an international network of bright and talented people who are always willing to help. I am currently working on a Cyber Security project with a Japanese governmental organisation. Through this project, I’ve expanded my McKinsey network as I’ve connected with several cyber security experts from all over the world: our Cyber Solutions team from Poland, Risk Management team in India, or Public Cyber Security team in America. I am amazed by how easy it is to get in touch with practically anyone, regardless of their location, seniority, or field of expertise. People are willing to share their best-in-class knowledge to solve complicated issues, and all that in a friendly and easy-going team atmosphere. At McKinsey I’m part of an international network of bright people with whom I share the same values and similar drive to deliver high impact solutions.”

Delivering high impact solutions

“Thanks to the international effort, we quickly completed comprehensive cyber maturity assessments for our client in several countries. Based on that, we provided a detailed cyber security roadmap and developed a national strategy and aid program which our client will implement across Cambodia, Mongolia, Laos, Thailand, and Philippines. Given cyber maturity assessments are typically conducted for private companies in developed countries, doing that in developing and newly industrialised economies in cooperation with a governmental organisation was a rewarding new experience for us. Before joining McKinsey, I never worked on projects with such high impact for clients and society at large. Being part of a firm that offers tangible and sustainable solutions makes me feel proud.”

Exploring new things

“One of my coolest experiences in my McKinsey journey so far is organising a proof of concept in Cambodia and Mongolia to test our client’s potential cyber security solution in the countries and determine what works well and what has to be modified. We’re inviting local governments, cyber security experts, our internal specialists and digital academy teams to conduct this initiative in June. This experience is helping me step out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, and expand my knowledge.”

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