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Support to look after yourself and be your best self

At McKinsey, Saumya feels supported to acquire new skills, try new things and put her health and loved ones first

What surprised you the most about the interview process?

When I received a call from McKinsey for a job opportunity, I was elated to be considered. Along with details about the role, the recruiter spent time thoroughly explaining the recruiting process. I was directed to the firm’s careers site, and found lots of helpful tips on how to prepare for interviews. From this, I was very impressed with McKinsey’s commitment to its people.

Because of COVID-19, my interviews were conducted virtually. I was a bit nervous about virtual interviewing, as I was unsure how I would connect with my interviewers. However, once the interviews started, I felt more at ease. The conversations were casual, and my interviewer gave me the chance to talk about myself and the strengths I could bring to the role and the firm. My interviewers guided me through the conversations and helped me think through some of my answers when I was going in the wrong direction.

The entire experience was extremely enriching, as I had the chance to exchange ideas with exceptional people. When I was offered to join the Client Capabilities Network (CCN) as a senior product analyst for the Marketing & Sales practice in Bengaluru, I was very excited to work with an amazing team.

How was your onboarding experience?

Support to look after yourself and be your best self
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Before starting, I was a little worried about the virtual onboarding. I wondered how I would connect with people, teams and colleagues. However, the experience of virtual onboarding and training was more involved and broader than I expected. Colleagues carved out time to introduce themselves and provide an overview of the work, and responded quickly whenever I needed clarifications. Several times, a few of them randomly checked in to see how my onboarding was going and offered help if I needed.

I also connected with colleagues across functional practices, which helped me realize the breadth of the firm’s expertise. I attended trainings related to my areas of experience, and met new colleagues. I was encouraged throughout to pursue interests outside my comfort zone. From the onboarding, I realized I have the support and freedom to define my journey here.

How has the firm and the Bengaluru office supported you?

As a senior product analyst, breaking down complex problems and solving our clients’ toughest challenges has been an incredible learning experience. At McKinsey, I’ve gained the powerful skills of problem-solving, structured communications, and following agile processes—all of these help deliver the best solutions and products to our clients. Along the way, my teammates have been very supportive and given me the confidence to bring my whole self to every discussion. I was never worried about admitting when I needed help.

When India experienced its second wave of COVID-19, my team and colleagues were extremely supportive. I remember the days when everyone in my household was sick and our morale was extremely low. The firm offered help in every way possible - access to a vaccination facility, virtual health consultations, and additional personal leave days to recover and assist our families. I will never forget a conversation with my manager following my recovery; the first thing she asked was why I hadn’t taken more days off. From this, I felt the firm cared about me.

My journey has just started and I’m excited by the opportunities to grow in a supportive environment and make a difference.

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More about Saumya

Saumya is a senior product analyst in McKinsey’s Bengaluru Client Capabilities Network working with our Marketing & Sales practice. She holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from SRM University in India. Prior to joining McKinsey, Saumya was a senior product analyst and associate product manager at Snapdeal Private Limited and a decision scientist at Mu Signa Business Solutions in India.

Outside of work, Saumya enjoys a cup of chai, painting, cooking, and playing the ukulele.