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From capital markets to consulting

Rebecca had approximately 17 years experience in capital markets before she found a home at McKinsey.
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While I thoroughly enjoyed the positions I held in the first phase of my career, I started to feel the business landscape in Calgary and within capital markets was changing. I decided to learn about what else I could do. I knew being an engaged and present parent would always be at the top of my list. Staying in Calgary was important; my family loves the mountains. From a career perspective, I knew my next move had to satisfy three priorities:

1. Nice people who upheld the highest of ethical standards
2. Continual learning opportunities
3. Path for development and upward mobility

After an 18-month quest, I found McKinsey in Calgary. I had no idea what life as a consultant would look like and I had heard all the rumors, but I wanted to see if I could make it work. I told myself I would stay for two years, then re-evaluate. Now that I am here, I love my job. There are so many programs to help make it sustainable. I honestly believe I will stay for the balance of my career. Here is what I found.

The people are amazing! I have worked with people from North America, Europe and Asia and the one thing they all have in common is they have been fantastic teammates. The firm is full of bright, talented people from all backgrounds who are eager to share their knowledge and experience. I feel genuinely supported every day. We work in dynamic teams to solve challenging problems and deliver measurable results to our clients.

I am given space and opportunity to learn new things. The firm operates on an apprenticeship model. In order to grow into a leader, you need to be able to mentor people. I love this about McKinsey. I find it liberating to be given time and space to learn and I know the foundation I am building will help me be an impactful leader for my clients and my teams.

The development path can look different for everyone. There are many paths one can follow at McKinsey. You might be passionate about a sector or topic; you might have expertise you hope to bring to the firm; or, you might be here to start fresh and learn something new. In addition, there are an abundance of programs that provide the flexibility needed to make McKinsey work for you. This includes extended periods of time off and part-time options. As a person who is passionate about global energy and mining and my family, having these options helps me create a path to partner that works for me. I haven’t missed one of my girls’ skiing races or swim meets; I spend most weekends with my family in Canmore enjoying the mountains. McKinsey gives me choices to fit it all in – I am not sure what more I could ask for.

I am thrilled to have found McKinsey. There is honestly no other organization I could see myself working for.

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