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Double Q&A: A conversation about microaggressions & more

A Double Q&A between Kweilin Ellingrud of McKinsey and Ja’Nay Hawkins of MAKERS Women – two leaders influencing change on gender and racial equity and eliminating microaggressions in the workplace.

In this first episode of Double Q&A, Caitlin Storhaug, director of global recruiting communications at McKinsey, sits down with Ja’Nay Hawkins and Kweilin Ellingrud to better understand microaggressions: what are they, the impact they can have, why are they especially hard to handle, and what we can all do about them. Kweilin and Ja’Nay touch on topics like mentorship and gender equity research, too.

Meet our guest speakers

Ja’Nay Hawkins is the head of partner development and DE&I programming at MAKERS Women, a media brand that accelerates the women’s movement through real stories that ignite passion and action. MAKERS Women is well known for its inspiring annual conference that brings together global female leaders to find ways to accelerate women’s equality. Ja’Nay shares her passion around MAKERS Women’s mission of “truth-telling, storytelling, and equity,” as well her passion for combating microaggressions. She offers advice for how organizations can better support their people.

Kweilin Ellingrud is a senior partner based in Minneapolis who leads McKinsey’s North American life insurance work and serves on the board of MAKERS Women. She reflects on pivotal moments throughout her career, her personal experience with microaggressions, and some insights from McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace research, conducted in partnership with Lean In.


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