From Big Tech to a McKinsey product owner

Prior to McKinsey, I started my career at Accenture as a technology analyst. I did an array of digital transformation projects, and after being staffed on one exciting team, my passion for product development grew. I transitioned into product ownership and management roles. After a few years, I took the leap into a digital consultancy that specialises in building and launching digital products.

A little later, I was considering applying to a Big Tech FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) company to develop my product expertise, when an associate partner at McKinsey reached out to me via LinkedIn. We ended up meeting live, and he took me through the journey of a product owner at the firm.

I quickly realised this role would develop my expertise significantly, offering me exposure to product-management projects across potentially dozens of different industries, functions and geographies. This would give me an unmatched opportunity to work alongside a community of 450+ other product managers at McKinsey and explore and learn product management in a way that simply wouldn’t be viable in-house at a Big Tech organization.

Lola Olaore
Lola Olaore

Learning more

I then met a few McKinsey tech colleagues and asked them about their prior experiences, and the kind of work they did. I learned about the breadth of clients McKinsey serves. At the firm, I could learn from thought leaders, gain experience across multiple industries, and build a global network. Most importantly, working at McKinsey would enable me to bring my skills and experiences to solve our clients’ biggest problems and transform the way they utilise digital in their business. After that and with the support of my amazing recruiter, who made the recruitment process very smooth, it was an easy decision to join. I’m now a proud member of the London office as of Sept. 2020.

Building a community

After accepting my offer but prior to my first day, colleagues from McKinsey reached out to me and set up catch-ups to ensure I was okay. It was nothing related to work; they genuinely wanted to know how I was, what I had been up to, and whether I needed any support ahead of joining. These gestures confirmed I had made the right decision. It’s these types of actions that make me feel appreciated and show me that people are at the centre of the firm.

Since I joined McKinsey in the midst of COVID-19, my onboarding was conducted virtually. I worried I would not be able to build relationships with my colleagues. However, I have been so impressed! The onboarding team created a fantastic program that connected me to my cohort, making the most of Zoom breakout rooms and even hosting a socially distanced afternoon tea.

Lola Olaore
Lola Olaore

Exploring diversity

I recently joined a number of affinity groups within McKinsey, including Christians at McKinsey, Women in Leadership and McKinsey Black Network. Through these communities, I’m connecting with colleagues who share some of my passions and interests. During my first week at the firm, the lead of McKinsey Black Network reached out to me to ensure I had settled in well and to connect me to my mentor. One thing I’m looking forward to is the Black Network buddy pod, which connects members from different tenures and offices across the globe to build an even stronger community.

Through these experiences I have met people from all walks of life – recent MBA grads, former medical doctors, and more. I love hearing about my colleagues’ varied experiences. I am continually meeting new people through my engagements, affinity groups, and by simply reaching out to people I find in our internal directory. I’m excited for all the friendships I know I will build here.

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About Lola

Based in London, Lola is a product owner and consultant with McKinsey’s digital team. Prior to joining, she served as a product and technology analyst at AND Digital and Accenture. Lola holds a bachelor’s in international and global studies from Coventry University London.

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