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Are you ready for a challenge? Expedition is a three-day workshop where you'll experience consulting at McKinsey through hands-on workshops. Learn how your skills and interests fit into a meaningful career here. This event is designed for late-stage PhD or master’s students, postdocs, and individuals with fewer than ten years of work experience in any field. 

Expedition weekend was amazing. I learned more about McKinsey as a company and met incredible people from all over Europe. Yet, what I loved most about the Expedition weekend actually happened about a year after the event. By that time, I’d done interviews, received an offer, and started my introductory weeks.

Anneclaire KNOW
Anneclaire KNOW

During my second week, I got a call from Simona, an implementation associate from Italy. Simona and I met during Expedition. She gave a workshop during which she shared her story of coming to the firm as an experienced hire. Hearing about her background and experiences played a big part in me applying for a role in implementation.

We kept in touch after Expedition. She sent me a really encouraging message when I applied and interviewed, but I didn’t expect to hear from her so soon after I joined. I did not expect her to ask me to join her team for my first engagement. And that’s how I ended up working with someone I met during Expedition.

Starting on a team with a familiar face was a great way to begin my McKinsey career. Simona put a lot of effort into making sure I was constantly learning. Even now, after our engagement finished, we are still in touch and she has become my McKinsey Mentor.

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About Anneclaire
Anneclaire is an implementation coach based in Amsterdam. She has a master’s in health management from Imperial College London and a bachelor’s from Amsterdam University College. Prior to joining McKinsey, Anneclaire was a technology consultant and research associate. 

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