All workshops will be hosted by industry and practice experts

Operations and McKinsey Implementation

Lego implementation game – ready, set, go!

In this workshop, using a Lego-based simulation game from the client context, we will turn the Alpine University into a production site to identify, design and implement improvement measures for the maintenance & repair department. Learn more about the Operations and McKinsey Implementation practices.

Marketing & Sales

Branding and customer experience in consumer goods

Together with consultants from the marketing & sales practice, you will work out the value proposition and customer experience for a popular consumer product. You will take part in interactive exercises to learn why branding is important, and what aspects make a successful customer experience. Learn more about the Marketing & Sales practice

Strategy & Corporate Finance

IPOs: From creating the idea to ringing the bell

The workshop will provide an overview of our Strategy & Corporate Finance practice, highlighting typical topics where we support our clients. In addition, we will look into what an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is, and the steps it takes until “ringing the bell” at the stock market on the first day of trading. In this context we will also review valuation approaches in IPOs. Learn more about the Strategy & Corporate Finance practice.

McKinsey Analytics

HackTheChurn! – build your own advanced analytics model

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data – fancy buzzwords? In this workshop you will not only learn to differentiate these concepts, but also get to know the work that McKinsey Analytics does. No prior coding skills required for this mini Hackathon! Learn more about the McKinsey Analytics practice.

McKinsey Digital

Digital business building in the age of connected cars

Together with our clients we create disruptive digital business models and bring them to life. In this workshop you will learn about our digital service portfolio. As you take on the role of a digital consultant, you will work in teams to develop creative ideas for connected cars. At the end of the session, you will present your idea and get feedback on your presentation. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience connected cars and e-mobility up close! Learn more about the McKinsey Digital practice.

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