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The energy transition: A region-by-region agenda for near-term action

– What practical actions could countries take now to ensure that the energy transition both accelerates and proceeds in an orderly fashion?

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Reflections from COP27: Ten takeaways for CEOs

– What a difference a year makes.
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COP27: Accelerating decarbonization

– Reaching climate targets will require global decarbonization across industries at scale.
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COP27: Playing offense on the path to net zero

– Scaling green businesses and climate technologies holds enormous potential for the net zero transition. Experts at COP27 discuss how leaders can drive innovation and catalyze growth.
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COP27: Financing the transition to net zero

– Achieving the net-zero transition would require spending to rise from today’s annual average of $5.7 trillion to $9.2 trillion through 2050. How can the private and public sectors work together to close the gap?

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Nature in the balance: What companies can do to restore natural capital

– Specific corporate actions, many with a positive return on investment, could help reverse the trend of the depletion of natural capital.

Net-zero heat: Long-duration energy storage to accelerate energy system decarbonization

– Thermal energy storage has the potential to greatly contribute to decarbonizing global heat and power, while helping to ensure the energy system operates affordably, reliably, and efficiently.
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A devilish duality: How CEOs can square resilience with net-zero promises

– Amid turbulence on the path to net zero, leaders will have to be much nimbler to balance resilience with an energy future that is secure, affordable, and clean. Five actions can help.

Five charts on hydrogen’s role in a net-zero future

– Hydrogen has great potential as a carbon-free energy carrier. Here’s a look at the momentum behind this widely applicable technology.

Decarbonising India: Charting a pathway for sustainable growth

– This will be a decisive decade. With intentional action, India can accelerate decarbonisation at scale while pursuing economic growth.

Spotting green business opportunities in a surging net-zero world

– Explore how 8 industries may transition to reach a 2050 net-zero scenario, and how organizations can respond with new green businesses that create value along the way.

Delivering the climate technologies needed for net zero

– Developing and deploying climate technologies is critical for the world’s net-zero agenda. Growth could await businesses willing to innovate quickly and to collaborate across value chains.
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Green Africa: A growth and resilience agenda for the continent

– How the global climate agenda creates opportunities for Africa to build resilience, catalyze sustainable growth, and contribute to the net-zero transition.

Nature and financial institutions in Africa: A first assessment of opportunities and risks

– Africa’s climate resilience can be strengthened by redefining its economic model to leverage natural capital and designing financial systems to redirect critical nature-based investments.

Accelerating toward net zero: The green business building opportunity

– Surging demand for zero-carbon technologies, materials, and services gives companies opportunities to build new green businesses. Leaders that move quickly could see exponential growth.

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