McKinsey on Risk
Number 9, June 2020

McKinsey on Risk, Number 9, June 2020

The journal offering McKinsey’s global perspective and strategic thinking on risk, focusing on the key risk areas that bear upon the performance of the world’s leading companies.

Articles in this issue


Responding to coronavirus: The minimum viable nerve center

– Amid the coronavirus pandemic, companies need a crisis response coordinated by top management that gives experts and managers the autonomy to implement creative, pragmatic solutions.

Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times—plan for now and the future

– Actions taken now to mitigate impacts on supply chains from coronavirus can also build resilience against future shocks.

How banks can ease the pain of negative interest rates

– With better governance and data collection, treasurers can staunch the effects of margin erosion.

Banking imperatives for managing climate risk

– More than regulatory pressure is driving banks to manage climate risk. Financing a green agenda is also a commercial imperative—but specialized skills are needed to protect balance sheets.

The future of operational-risk management in financial services

– By partnering with the business, the operational-risk discipline can create a more secure and profitable institution. Here’s what has to happen first.

The investigator-centered approach to financial crime: Doing what matters

– The investigator-centered approach to fighting financial crime fosters collaboration among banks, law-enforcement agencies, and regulators for greater effectiveness, efficiency, and social impact.

The consumer-data opportunity and the privacy imperative

– As consumers become more careful about sharing data, and regulators step up privacy requirements, leading companies are learning that data protection and privacy can create a business advantage.

Enhanced cyberrisk reporting: Opening doors to risk-based cybersecurity

– New cyberrisk management information systems provide executives with the risk transparency they need to transform organizational cyberresilience.


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