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McKinsey on AI podcast

A miniseries featuring conversations with a wide range of artificial intelligence experts that explore how to apply the technology for the benefit of business—and society.

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Getting the feels: Should AI have empathy?

– Marketing and technology author Minter Dial explains how empathy can benefit businesses and artificial intelligence applications.

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Entering a new decade of AI: The state of play

– While organizations report measurable benefits from artificial intelligence, much work remains to scale impact, manage risks,... and retrain the workforce.

How to make the most of AI? Open up and share data

– Open data can unlock solutions to pressing challenges, says the Open Data Institute’s Jeni Tennison. But data quality, security,... and privacy need to be ensured.

Why governments need an AI strategy: A conversation with the WEF’s head of AI

– The strengths and weaknesses of individual economies vary. But if artificial intelligence is to fulfill its promise, every country... needs a plan for how best to use it.

Why we need to rethink the purpose of AI: A conversation with Stuart Russell

– Stuart Russell, one of the pioneering thinkers in the field of artificial intelligence, explains how to ensure that the technology... benefits humanity.

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Getting to scale with artificial intelligence

– Companies adopting AI across the organization are investing as much in people and processes as in technology.

AI Ethics in today’s world

– Executives and companies can enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence while also being aware of potential drawbacks and taking... careful steps to mitigate their effects.

Demystifying AI and machine learning for executives

– In this interview, Tamim Saleh cuts through the hype around artificial intelligence with guidance for executives about where and... how to employ AI in their businesses.