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Data Scientist

Shape the future of data-driven organizations

Where you’re headed

You’ll creatively use data to solve business challenges, often uncovering new and transformative opportunities along the way. Applying advanced analytics, quantitative tools, and modeling techniques, you’ll interpret and offer recommendations based on insights from the data.

Where you’ve been

You’re a problem solver, data expert, analyst, and communicator, who can create new algorithms from scratch. You have an advanced degree in a quantitative field, such as computer science, engineering, physics, statistics or applied mathematics, and have:

  • familiarity with statistical and data-mining techniques
  • strong knowledge of programming languages, with a focus on machine learning and advanced analytics (such as R, Python, and Scala)
  • experience working with large data sets and relational databases
  • a collaborative spirit and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively to both colleagues and clients
  • excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze issues, identify causes, and recommend solutions quickly

It’s the fusion of people—experimenters and implementers working toward a shared goal—that inspires me every day.

Torgyn, data scientist, London

We solve unique and complex business challenges by bringing a wide range of expertise to the table. As QuantumBlack data scientists and data engineers, we collaborate with experts across industries, from airlines and healthcare to retail and banking, to create well-rounded solutions.

Lucy, data scientist, Mexico City

None of the problems we look at are standard, so we’re always having to think outside the box to come up with new solutions.

Luke, expert associate partner, data science, Boston

The scope and impact of our work is exceptional—beyond anything I’ve found at another organization.

Sanjay, data scientist, New York

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