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Data Engineer

Build mission-critical software and architecture

Where you’re headed

Laying the groundwork for data analysis and experimentation, you’ll guide clients through the digital landscape with a sharp eye on what’s important for them. You’ll clean, transform, and aggregate data; compile and install database systems; write complex queries; scale to multiple machines; and put disaster-recovery systems in place.

Where you’ve been

You have an advanced degree in computer science (or the equivalent) and a passion for big-data technologies. You’ll also bring:

  • hands-on experience in building data solutions for advanced analytics
  • deep knowledge of big-data technologies, such as Hadoop and Spark
  • solid programming skills in Python, Java, SQL querying, and Scala
  • familiarity with advanced-analytics tools, such as Anaconda or Spark for machine learning
  • excellent collaboration and communication skills—with teams and clients alike
  • intellectual curiosity and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone

Joining QuantumBlack has been an incredible journey as an experienced technologist. We are creating impact across industries and functions, which catalyzes my professional and personal growth. I feel empowered and recognized, and I am offered many opportunities to lead and grow.

Romain, data engineer, Montreal

I am most excited about projects that take machine-learning models to production. Introducing MLOps components helps clients maintain the pipelines we have built and continue driving holistic impact.

Aisuluu, data engineer, Toronto

The best part of my role is that the learning never stops - there are always new sectors, frameworks, and tools to explore. There’s nothing more valuable than collaborating with colleagues who have strong opinions on how to write good code, and equally love sharing their wealth of knowledge with each other.

Kavya, data engineer, London

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