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McKinsey research shows that executives on average spend almost 40 percent of their time making decisions and believe most of that time is poorly used. This collection of articles, podcasts, and blog posts draws together McKinsey’s expertise to help leaders and organizations improve decision making.

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For smarter decisions, empower your employees

– Fully empowered employees make good decisions and resolve problems. We explore how various leadership and management styles can best support them.

Decision making in uncertain times

– The timeline for companies to react to the coronavirus has shrunk dramatically. Here are five principles that leaders can follow to make smart decisions quickly during the pandemic.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Want a better decision? Plan a better meeting

– Effective meetings produce better business decisions. Yet too many decision meetings are doomed from the get-go. You can do better.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Good decisions don’t have to be slow ones

– Executives often assume that speed comes at the cost of quality in decision making. A survey challenges this belief and offers tips on getting the best of both worlds.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Three keys to faster, better decisions

– Decision makers fed up with slow or subpar results take heart. Three practices can help improve decision making and convince skeptical business leaders that there is life after death by committee.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Untangling your organization’s decision making

– Any organization can improve the speed and quality of its decisions by paying more attention to what it’s deciding.

Featured Podcasts

To unlock better decision making, plan better meetings

– How can senior managers get better, faster business decisions from the meetings they attend or lead? Planning is key.

Decision making in your organization: Cutting through the clutter

– At the root of any good decision is categorizing what kind of decision needs to be made, by whom, and how quickly.

Featured Blog Posts

How to make smart decisions quickly in uncertain times

– Decision-making amid uncertainty is not easy, but these five principles can help leaders make smart decisions quickly to guide their organizations.

Streamline decision-making for a better customer journey

– With DecisionLab, we have helped many clients drill down into their processes to ensure optimal internal operations and a better external experience for those they serve.

Decision-making: how leaders can get out of the way

Organizations that do it right push intelligent decision-making to the front line.

Decision-making: avoiding turf wars

– In unlocking great decision-making, cross-cutting decisions rank among the hardest to get right in most organizations.

Keys to unlocking great decision-making

– For agile organizations, getting decision-making right is critical since their foundation rests on an action-oriented decision architecture.

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