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McKinsey Product Academy offers real and actionable content from leading-edge product practitioners for anyone interested in learning more about product.

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Featured speakers for McKinsey Product Academy

Founder, Silicon Valley Product Group

Marty Cagan

Empowered product teams and the art of product management
Board Member at Coinbase, Pinterest

Gokul Rajaram

Product thinking and the future of innovation
Senior Vice President Design, Intuit

Kurt Walecki

Identifying customer value
Senior Vice President Innovation, Mozilla

Imo Udom

Responsible product management
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Roanne Sones

Defining product strategy
Chief Product Officer, The New York Times

Alex Hardiman

Product outside of pure technology companies
CEO and Co-Founder, Bloomreach

Raj de Datta

How to identify product market fit
Chief Product Officer, Twilio

Eyal Manor

How to build a platform product

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