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Customer experience

Our customer-journey approach helps clients transform the customer experience into sustainable, above-market growth.

What we do

We help rewire organizations around the customer journeys that improve revenue, satisfaction, and operational costs.

Customer journeys are the complete set of interactions that a consumer has with a brand for any given task or decision. Excellence in delivering customer journeys increases revenues, reduces costs, and improves employee engagement. We work closely with clients to design journeys that inspire the customer and determine how to best scale and embed these journeys into the organization for bottom-line impact. (Read: “The Truth About Customer Experience," Harvard Business Review).

Our capabilities and areas of expertise

  • Top-team alignment
  • Customer-journey analytics and insights
  • Multichannel effectiveness
  • Big-data applications
  • Frontline transformation, operations, and empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Feedback and measurement-system development
  • Governance

Examples of what we do

Recent client engagements include:

  • We helped a regional utility establish a customer-experience strategy at the segment level, prioritize the three customer journeys that mattered most for impact, and implement the transformation by building corporate and frontline client capabilities. Initial outcomes included $20 million annual cost savings while delivering improved service levels and greater customer satisfaction. McKinsey expertise included: customer insights, top-team alignment, frontline transformation, customer-experience metrics, and governance processes.
  • We supported a global financial-services firm in its transition to lower-cost digital channels while also improving the overall quality of the company’s digital service offerings. The McKinsey team developed a segmentation based on customer behaviors. The strategy integrated big data analytics to help identify the most critical customer journeys. McKinsey expertise included: customer analytics and insights and multichannel effectiveness.
  • We collaborated with an auto OEM and its dealer network to map end-to-end customer communication pathways. The team used our customer-journey analytics to pinpoint where and when prospect fall-off was highest as well as which interactions could most effectively be converted to dealer appointments. The team identified opportunities to deliver a 10 to 20 percent lift in conversion rates. McKinsey expertise included: customer-journey analytics and insights, multichannel effectiveness, frontline transformation, operations, and empowerment.

Featured capabilities

McKinsey makes significant investments in research, tools, and assets that help clients deliver an excellent customer experience. Our proprietary assets include:

  • Customer Experience Diagnostic. This assessment kit provides organizations with unique tools to assess and compare their customer experience across business units, functions, and capabilities. Results can drive insights to improve customer experience initiatives.
  • Customer Experience Simulations. Participants work with McKinsey faculty to explore core concepts such as journey management, customer data analysis, and insights from behavioral psychology, and then use them to “solve” a customer-transformation challenge.
  • Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC). Integrates large data sets from multiple sources (for example, checkouts, loyalty programs, and social media) to extract insights for retailers in areas such as pricing and promotions.
  • Consumer & Shopping Insights (CSI). Helps clients generate a 360 degree view of customer beliefs, attitudes, and motivations to uncover opportunities for growth and ideas for product innovation.
  • C4P Capabilities for Performance. A program that helps individuals and institutions balance general leadership skills with viable expertise and industry experience. We have developed proprietary tools and distinctive methodologies to help clients build their capabilities quickly, create permanent knowledge assets, and maximize their return on investment.

Our Customer Experience team also collaborates with leading companies known for their customer-experience expertise:

  • Journey Analytics. Creates visualizations of millions of customer interactions across channels—highlighting where customer experience is compromised, what triggers attrition, and the best opportunities to delight customers and drive cross-sell.
  • Disney Institute. Develops a corporate vision based on the customer and delivers capability-building programs that help companies realize those visions.

Featured experts

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle

Harald Fanderl

Senior Partner, Munich

Kevin Neher

Senior Partner, Denver

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