Tech highlights from 2022—in eight charts

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From metaverse mania to eye-popping breakthroughs in generative AI, it has been quite a year for technology. We present some of the stories that helped shape the last twelve months, as told through eight charts—with a smattering of insights to go along with them.

A tipping point for AI?

While AI adoption globally is 2.5× higher today than in 2017, it has leveled off over the past few years.
Responses show an increasing number of AI capabilities embedded in organizations over the past five years.

Tech talent remains tight, but there’s unconventional hope

A substantial share of tech professionals entered the field from nontech occupations and added new skills learned through experience.

It just keeps getting cloudier

By 2030, value drivers could enable cloud to deliver more than $3 trillion in EBITDA value across the Forbes Global 2000.

Quantum computing progress brings high expectations—and a little fear

Quantum computing could help enable innovations in batteries that are needed to reduce vehicle emissions and enable grid-scale energy storage for solar cells. This could decrease the costs--and increase the use--of solar.

In technology, we (must) trust

A majority of consumers look specifically for companies that have a reputation for protecting data.
Many consumers report that they’ve stopped buying from a company when it violated digital trust.

Metaverse mania ensues

Substantial investment signals confidence in the potential of the metaverse.