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Build a digital culture

Digital Organization

As they start their digital journey, every company must answer the question: How do I set up my organization for a digital transformation?

We set out to answer our clients’ most pressing questions about the organizational elements of a digital transformation:


What is the right organizational structure for a digital transformation or business?


Which leaders should “own” digital (for example, do I need a Chief Digital Officer)?


What cultural mind-sets are important in a digital transformation, and how can I build them?

Operating model

How do I set up my teams’ operating model to be more agile?

Talent and skills

What digital talent do I need and how should my HR processes be different for this population?

Sequencing the journey

How do I get started on the digital organizational change process? How fast should I move? When are the most challenging phases?

Leaders are moving quickly to build digital organizations that add real value to their business. Hallmarks of their success include:

  • designing a digital organizational structure that aligns closely with
    1. their overall digital strategy and
    2. how they expect to capture value from digital
  • appointing digital leaders who lead like venture capitalists or growth equity investors, rather than traditional hierarchical leaders; release significant control to teams; and manage progress on monthly or quarterly key performance indicators
  • embedding a specific set of agile management practices fundamental to driving performance and health across the organization; companies that can achieve both speed and stability will win
  • strategically acquiring and promoting digital talent and leadership, defining new career paths based on experiences (not necessarily managing or traditional hierarchy), and valuing autonomy and purpose, not just compensation