Power Brands (3rd edition)

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In the digital world, the massive scale of change has made brands more vulnerable than ever while at the same time creating a wide range of new opportunities for brands to power growth that beats the market. (View purchasing options for Power Brands.)

Since 2009, the number of internationally registered trademarks has increased by 50 percent, now reaching 24 million. Long-established brands, such as Nokia, have changed hands, and major brands, such as Pontiac, have vanished. Apple took the top spot from Coca-Cola as the world’s most valuable brand in 2013. Online advertising spending has doubled globally, and mobile advertising revenues have increased tenfold. In China alone, 800 million smartphones are now in circulation. In 2009, Facebook had 250 million active users. Today, it has 1.3 billion.

To stay relevant and attractive, brands must keep up with the pace of change without severing their roots.  Power Brands reveals the secret of strong brands. While many advertising executives and marketing gurus advocate for creativity or proselytize about the power of analytics, this book shows that building and managing a brand that grows requires a balance of science, art, and craft. The book shows how leading brands combine all three elements and presents the BrandMatics® approach for systematic brand management. The tools and concepts, tested and refined by the authors in many client projects, are organized into three topical areas: measuring, making, and managing power brands.

To help readers come out on top, the latest edition of Power Brands focuses on the new trends and issues that are shaping today’s – and tomorrow’s – businesses. Highlights of this edition include:

  • New research on the evolution of brand relevance, both in B2C and B2B, showing that the financial crisis has increased the importance of brands as beacons of trust and reliability
  • Two modular additions to the proven brand purchase funnel framework, reflecting the fact that digital natives are more spontaneous than any other generation of consumers
  • New chapters and case studies on end-to-end brand delivery, marketing return on investment (MROI), and digital brand management

To bring branding tools to life, the third edition of Power Brands also features new executive interviews on brand management (including an interview with OliverBierhoff on managing the German national football [soccer] team brand). Leading brands such as Henkel, Essent, Nationwide, and Bulgari reveal many of their best-kept branding secrets. Concepts and cases alike are supported with 144 exhibits and illustrations.

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