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Preparing for the future of CPG marketing

– The recipe for successful marketing in the future has five ingredients, which consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers need to combine at scale.

Driving radical growth through business-building: Creativity, analytics, and purpose

– The pandemic shattered the concept of “normal” and permanently reshaped consumer behavior by fast-forwarding us ten years into the digital future.

Enhancing customer experience in the digital age

– Digital adoption accelerated at an unexpectedly rapid pace amid the COVID-19 pandemic. How can retailers leverage these changes to position themselves for success?

Emerging consumer trends in a post-COVID-19 world

– Consumer behavior underwent dramatic and lasting changes during the pandemic. How should business leaders respond?

Elevating digital customer experience in the next normal

– Designing great customer experiences is getting easier with the rise of predictive analytics—especially now that the pandemic has driven more of us online than ever before.

Embracing the B2B omnichannel opportunity

– Through a series of recurring global surveys, we are tracking how B2B decision-maker preferences and behaviors are changing since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accelerating retail transformation to win digital-first consumers

– The sea change brought by the pandemic has profoundly reshaped consumer behavior. How should retailers transform themselves to thrive in a post-pandemic world?

Retooling for growth opportunities in a post-COVID-19 world

– The pandemic will eventually recede, but its impact will be lasting. How should businesses think and act as they adapt to the new normal?

Holiday shopping in 2020

– Consumers, longing for normalcy and eager for something to celebrate, plan to spend money during the holidays—but differently from the way they have in the past.

Rapid revenue recovery after the crisis: Strategies for success

– The COVID-19 pandemic has upended norms about retail, brand loyalty, and consumer behavior. That’s creating both a massive challenge and a rare opportunity for bold players to accelerate growth.

Five priorities for rapid revenue recovery during COVID-19

– The muscles that companies can build to bring back revenues amid the COVID-19 crisis can also help accelerate growth. This McKinsey Live webinar covers the fundamentals of achieving new levels of speed and agility.

Discussions in Digital


Discussions in digital: Influencer marketing is ready for its close-up

– Influencers—consumers who promote products to their followers on social media—are a new frontier for traditional marketers.

Discussions in digital: Making machine-driven marketing work

– To work effectively with machines, marketers need to set up guardrails, then let the machines crunch the data and the humans focus... on creativity and personalization.