Driving radical growth through business-building: Creativity, analytics, and purpose

The pandemic shattered the concept of “normal” and permanently reshaped consumer behavior by fast-forwarding us ten years into the digital future. Now, as some parts of the world begin to emerge from the crisis and business leaders contemplate what’s next, one thing is clear: Companies are ready to focus on growth again.

But how do you reignite the growth engine to achieve above-market results? As leaders look to reset and recharge, they’re focusing on a new growth muscle—building new businesses. And their ability to do so is enabled by three key elements of the growth triple play: creativity, analytics, and purpose.

In this Fortune Global Forum’s CEO session, McKinsey’s Brian Gregg and Ari Libarikian, Petco CEO Ron Coughlin, Williams-Sonoma CEO Laura Alber, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs Chairman of Consumer Business Harit Talwar share how CEOs can evolve from the hard-wired lessons of the past and boldly embrace four key imperatives to drive sustainable growth:

  • Business-building: A no-regrets approach to drive explosive growth
  • Next-generation operating models: Sustainable speed and rethinking ecosystems
  • Analytics: Using customer intelligence and AI to navigate the “no normal”
  • Purpose: Defining and activating a strong purpose beyond all transactions