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The cloud represents a $1 trillion opportunity for organizations—but many struggle to capitalize on its full potential. By approaching cloud transformation as an IT system upgrade, they miss out on much of the value it can create. The risk isn’t just falling behind the competition. It’s dropping out of it altogether.

Cloud’s first movers are already forging ahead. They successfully integrate cloud into every facet of their business—leveraging it to rejuvenate operations, drive innovation, and make pioneering, experimental leaps into new verticals and new markets.

Unlocking the full potential of cloud takes strategic insight, technical expertise, and transformation engine that’s made up of unique reinforcing and evolving elements. There’s too much value at stake to approach it any other way. Cloud by McKinsey brings all of this together, creating technology change that matters.

Our approach

Cloud transformation—from business case to build

We bring together the best business strategists and cloud technologists, empowering them to deliver transformational impact at speed. Our goal is never change for the sake of it. We work with organizations on technology changes that matters, making them more efficient, more effective, and more resilient.

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The cloud transformation engine

– Some 15 years into the cloud revolution, it’s clear that there’s tremendous value enabled by adopting cloud—more... than $1 trillion just for Fortune 500 companies.

Security as code: The best (and maybe only) path to securing cloud applications and systems

– Managing security as code enables companies to create value in the cloud securely.
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Cloud’s trillion-dollar prize is up for grabs

– Cloud has immense potential, but most companies are only scratching the surface. Recent research clarifies where the value lies—and... how to capture it before competitors do.

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