McKinsey and Google Cloud help companies tap into $4 trillion of business value with generative AI

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Google Cloud to help clients catalyze large-scale, innovative change through the power of generative AI (gen AI) with Gemini for Google Cloud.

The alliance plays a key role in McKinsey’s open ecosystem of leading gen AI innovators, which provides clients with expertise and solutions across all parts of the technology stack so they can adopt and scale.

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McKinsey has already helped leading companies across a spectrum of industries and technical domains transform how they operate with Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure and technology, including with gen AI. Projects have helped clients become more productive, streamline complex processes, and optimize value from their AI investments. For example, McKinsey and Google Cloud built a gen AI-powered search platform that significantly reduced maintenance times for a process manufacturer, and the companies developed a virtual agent that delivers highly personalized, instantaneous service to banking customers to resolve inquiries faster and more effectively.

Google Cloud offers many of the industry’s leading cloud and AI technologies, and AI has been part of Google’s DNA since its inception. Combining the company’s exceptional product and engineering talent with its foundation models and AI frameworks provides the world’s largest enterprises with the tools and infrastructure they need to transform their businesses and improve operations at global scale. With their mindset of innovation and ability to work across the Alphabet businesses, Google Cloud is helping businesses solve their toughest challenges no matter how complex they may be.

McKinsey brings a deep pool of talent to the alliance: The firm–including its gen AI arm, QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey–has 7,000 technologists, designers, and product managers serving clients in more than 50 countries. Many of these colleagues are Google Cloud-certified, with an approximately 160 percent increase in Google Cloud-certified individuals from last year. Through our work with more than 200 clients, we have quantified the core elements required for rewiring organizations and creating impact through AI-based transformation.

QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey

QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey

QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey unlocks the power of artificial intelligence to help organizations blend AI and cutting-edge solutions with strategic thinking and domain

“When Google Cloud technology is combined with McKinsey’s industry expertise, technology delivery experience, and capability building, it creates a powerful partnership able to help businesses shape, mobilize and orchestrate large-scale, tech-enabled transformations,” said Bob Sternfels, McKinsey's global managing partner.

“Generative AI can transform organizations by increasing workforce productivity, accelerating developer velocity, and streamlining business operations,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “With this expanded partnership, clients will now be better positioned to successfully scope and optimize their generative AI projects.”

McKinsey estimates that there is more than $4 trillion in value to be unlocked by gen AI and cloud technologies. Through the alliance with Google Cloud, we are working with clients to capture this value in four ways: through cloud-enabled business transformations, tech modernization programs, gen-AI-enabled solutions, and industry-specific use cases.

For example, in just a matter of weeks, our QuantumBlack data scientists partnered with Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions team to build two gen AI chatbots for Formula E racing. With Vertex AI and Google Cloud’s large language models, they produced real- time car performance data, helping the driving team set a world record for indoor land speed, and created the “voice of the car,”  allowing fans to experience racing as never before.

Jake Hughes, Formula E driver, enters his car

A world record for Formula E, propelled by McKinsey’s AI

We also jointly helped a process manufacturer pilot two high-impact generative AI use cases: an AI-enabled search platform for operations and a corporate research tool. Experts and engineers from QuantumBlack worked with Google Cloud architects and engineers to design and build these use cases, improving productivity and reducing costs.

In all of our alliances, we look for companies who share the same commitment to creating impact for clients that we do. This one is no exception. “The partnership is a testament to our belief in this technology and our dedication to leading the charge in unlocking tangible value for our clients,” says Adrian Booth, leader of Build by McKinsey and the Google Cloud alliance.

“This is not just an alliance,” Adrian adds. “It's a journey towards redefining the future of business, innovation, and success.”

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