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The Bold Reset: Act Now Customer Experience

The events of 2020 fueled digital commerce and accelerated the widespread adoption of technology. In just a matter of 90 days, digital adoption jumped ten years forward. The impact on consumer preferences, behaviors, and routines was significant. Today’s consumers need and expect simple, fast, and meaningful experiences delivered in a way that is responsive in the moment.

But many companies lack the tools needed to deliver on consumer’s changing needs. They are still reliant on 20-year-old survey techniques to gather customer feedback. And inherently react slowly with backward-looking and incomplete data. Survey-based approaches serve only as temperature checks to see how the company is doing. These tools are unable to translate the massive volume of customer data and signals into immediate actions and smart decisions that drive customer acquisition, wallet share, retention.

It’s time for a bold reset. Companies need to move beyond survey-based systems to effectively deliver experiences in ways that are targeted, predictive, and responsive. By using big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning, companies can go from “How are we doing?” to “What do customers want next?”. This customer-focused, data-driven approach will allow companies to unlock efficiencies, predict customer behavior, track satisfaction drivers, anticipate churn, and flag opportunities to turn loyalty into profitability.

The future of Customer Experience is predictive and actionable in the moment. And it’s here today.

Why Experience DNA


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The platform is a quantum leap in customer experience, empowering companies with a strategic tool to drive competitive advantage by predicting the financial value for each customer segment.

Prediction: The future of CX

– Designing great customer experiences is getting easier with the rise of predictive analytics.

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With Experience DNA, leaders can understand their customer experience performance, key drivers, and impact of investment decisions with the click of a button.

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This has created a level of insight into customers we’ve never had. The granularity and predictive nature are both game-changers.

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